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Have you ever wondered why sometimes it seems like such a struggle to achieve your goals?  Why when you might use positive affirmations over & over again like most of the books say they just don’t work?  The reason is SUBCONSCIOUS BELIEFS.  One example of beliefs such as this is “———

does not grow on trees”.  Now 99.9% of the population would fill in the blank with the word money.  Most have been programmed in childhood to hold these beliefs.  One of the ways to discover your beliefs is to make a statement & see how you feel about that statement.  Imagine yourself as rich or thin or whatever you would like to achieve.  Then see how it makes you feel.  Close your eyes & just imagine it.  Do that before you read any further.


Now describe how it made you feel.  Happy?  Sad?  Good? Bad?  Write down your feelings.

More on this later.  How to change the limiting belief.

Marilyn Ocean



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