Did you ever wonder why positive thinking alone does not work?

What is needed is a Paradigm Shift. This is a change from one way of thinking to another. It’s a transformation, a sort of metamorphosis. It does not just happen, but rather it is driven by a change of the programs that are always running in the background of the mind.

When the subconscious mind shifts, everything seems to happen magically. What was once difficult becomes easy. .

The many techniques that we will use together will create a sort of Super Learning shift where the Program that was running in the subconscious is wiped out and replaced with a beneficial program that you choose. You will then start doing and enjoying the things you need to every day to achieve the life you want. You too can have Power, Money, Great Relationships and a Fulfilling Life.

The Subconscious

There are inner forces outside of your awareness that are directing your behavior.

The subconscious mind is Hundreds of times more powerful then the conscious mind. It controls almost all of one’s actions, and is much more accurate than the conscious mind. The subconscious mind is running 95% to 99% of the time. It is like a computer or a tape player with a constant program running in the background. Running programs that may no longer serve you. These programs limit our ability and take away our POWER UNLESS THE SUBCONSCIOUS HAS THE SAME PROGRAM AS THE CONSCIOUS MIND. I teach you how to change the programs to good positive POWER enhancing programs. You will learn how to delete programs that do not serve you and replace them with the programs necessary for your ultimate success & happiness. With these changes life flows and you have the POWER that you need. Intelligence and intuition come straight from the subconscious mind, its processing power, and it thinking patterns. The conscious brain controls only our waking thoughts, and does not have the power to change the subconscious. However, the subconscious does have the power to change the conscious. The subconscious controls the habits of one’s everyday life. The subconscious is the more powerful processor.

The POWER is in your subconscious mind. Use it to TAKE ACTION NOW!

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