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There are many ways to relax.

Click the purple “How to de stress” below to instantly hear a relaxation technique. Learn how to de stress & be relaxed instantly.  Learn this secret relaxation technique in less than 3 minutes!

How to de stress   < click  for instant mp3 download  DO NOT LISTEN IN A MOVING VEHICLE!

One of the ways that I teach people to empower themselves

it is called the “three breath trigger” for de stressing.

  It is a very easy to learn to de stress using this technique.

  We can  de stress naturally without drugs that have side effects.

When you think about it we all have the natural ability to

relax, we simply have to remember how to relax ourselves.

Allow me to teach you to de stress and many other quick and easy relaxation techniques.

It is OK  to use this technique when you have very little time or maybe you are in a group of people simply excuse yourself for just a few moments.


  1. Find a quiet place.  It can even be a bathroom, LOL.

  2. Sit down if you are able to.

  3. As you take a deep breath in through your nose, close your eyes.

  4. Hold your breath for a few seconds.

  5. Slowly exhale through your mouth.  As you do feel the waves of relaxation coming over you.

  6. Do this two more times.  As you do you will feel yourself relaxing.

  7. Continue to feel the waves of relaxation washing over you.

  8. Mentally Count to 3 and slowly open your eyes, now feeling much more relaxed.  Totally relaxed.

  9. The entire act of relaxing takes less than 2 minutes.

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 & learning to relax easily.


I have used this de stressing relaxation technique many times.  Once you have learned how to de stress  using this technique  to relax a few times you will find that you will not even have to leave the room.  Your mind becomes accustomed to it and all you need to do is simply take three slow deep breaths.  It becomes a unconscious act.  For a more info on the subconscious or unconscious please go to

I simply love sharing this powerful & easy to learn information.

De stressing in this way is a quick and easy form of self hypnosis.


Marilyn Ocean RN CHT

Enjoy de stressing

How to de stress

How to de stress

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