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We hear a lot about the dangers of secondhand smoke. These dangers are real. However, secondhand words can be just as destructive.


I’m referring to the negative words we hear at work, at home, on TV, etc. The words which are spoken, not necessarily to you, which lodge themselves in our subconscious mind just like secondhand smoke lodges itself in your lungs. The damage is not obvious at first, but with repeated exposure over time, these toxic words do serious damage.


Here are some examples of toxic word phrases:


  • “I can’t do it”
  • “I’m broke”
  • “My life stinks”
  • “Life’s a b**** and then you die”


Again, these words may not even be spoken TO you, but if you are exposed to them regularly, they will affect you.


Do you hang out at work with people who don’t really believe in their possibilities? You know the type. They get together to talk about how bad the job is and how pointless life is, etc. I’m certainly in favor of having compassion for fellow humans, but make sure you don’t get dragged down into the pit.


The best way to help someone out of a pit of despair is to make sure both of your feet are firmly planted on the ground and then you can pull them out safely. If you get down in the pit with them, who is going to help YOU? It’s YOUR job to help yourself, so take this job seriously. Keep your “subconscious lungs” clean, healthy, and fully functioning.


So, how do we do this? By avoiding exposure to people who dwell on the negative. By filling our minds with positive phrases. By seeking associations with those who already believe in themselves and their possibilities.


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Uncovering Subconscious Beliefs that Block Success

Have you ever wondered why sometimes it seems like such a struggle to achieve your goals?  Why when you might use positive affirmations over & over again like most of the books say they just don’t work?  The reason is SUBCONSCIOUS BELIEFS.  One example of beliefs such as this is “———

does not grow on trees”.  Now 99.9% of the population would fill in the blank with the word money.  Most have been programmed in childhood to hold these beliefs.  One of the ways to discover your beliefs is to make a statement & see how you feel about that statement.  Imagine yourself as rich or thin or whatever you would like to achieve.  Then see how it makes you feel.  Close your eyes & just imagine it.  Do that before you read any further.


Now describe how it made you feel.  Happy?  Sad?  Good? Bad?  Write down your feelings.

More on this later.  How to change the limiting belief.

Marilyn Ocean



The Secret to a Fantastic 2012!

You can make 2012 the best year of your life!

And you can do it very easily, right now.

All you have to do is set the most powerful intention you can ever set in your life,

 which is that you will focus only on what you want,

 think only about what you want, and talk only about what you want.

Decide right now that anytime you find yourself thinking

 or talking about what you don’t want, you will stop and demand of yourself,

What is it that I want?” And with all your might, with all your strength,

with all your willpower – you will focus on what you want!

This one intention, repeated daily until the New Year

and reinforced through 2012, will ensure that you

make 2012 the year that your dreams came true, and the greatest year of your life!


Remember to Remember

Remember to remember means remember to be aware. Remember to be aware in

 this moment right now. Being aware is seeing everything around you,
hearing everything around you, feeling everything around you,
and being completely focused on what you are doing right now.
Most people bring what they do not want because they are not aware
that they are listening to the thoughts in their heads about
 the past and the future. They are not even aware that
they are being hypnotized by those thoughts, and are
therefore living their life unconsciously.

When you remember to be aware, you are aware immediately.

 You just have to remember to remember!


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