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What stops your MOMENTUM?

We here in the US watched the super bowl but we also witnessed an example of a psycholigical prinicple, the mental aspects of MOMENTUM, the Ravens were winniing and you could sense the 49ers were going down for the count, THEN… the lights went out and the game delayed. The delay stopped the momentum of the Ravens and the 49ers almost came back. What stops your MOMENTUM?  When you have it keep going a delay can stop you cold. Something in motion tends to stay in Motion, so keep going!  Coaching with me will keep your momentum going so call now!

Soar with Success!

How do you feel about soaring with success?

The Mother eagle says “Fly you can do this. You are the best at this” The baby eagle says”I am afraid it looks to hard, what if I fall?”

Mother eagle wonders aloud, Why is it that the thrill of soaring success comes with the fear of falling?”  Contact me today to banish that fear forever.

How are you doing on your New Years resolutions?January 2013 is over.

It seems like we just rang in the New Year
with promises to ourselves that 2013 would
be different – and now the first month of
the year is about to come to a close along
with the BIGGEST Self Help opportunity
you’ll find this year! How are you doing on your
resolutions?  Do you need some help, support or
guidance.  After all we are what we think.
Fill out the contact Marilyn Ocean form
Now!  Get started on really creating your
best year ever.
In love,
Marilyn Ocean

The common new year’s party question is,

“What’s your resolution?”

We often think that if you need to make a
change in your life, you shouldn’t have to wait until new years to put it into action.But, the reason it is a tradition is that it is a powerful mechanism, and requires you to
be accountable to the friends that you tell. Whether you think it is silly or not,
it is important that you set goals for yourself and your business.Attempt to look at your endeavors in a
new light and from a different angle..It isn’t about working harder, and destroying your quality of life…
It’s about working smarter…
Break throughs happen, but only when you are open to them. Take some time out to examine what is working
for you and what isn’t…

Do you want to repeat the mistakes of last year? Or worse, spin your wheels when you don’t have to.

I am committed to doing my best to provide you with the tools and strategies that will
help you both in your personal life and business in 2013.
Contact me now.
Marilyn Ocean

Inspiration Courage and Intuition

Thinking about the past year what has worked  and what has held me back. Ask yourself this question right before you fall asleep at night.  When you have the answer to what can make the coming days, weeks and months the best of your life GO FOR IT!  Follow your heart.  Hear your inner voice.

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